Commonly Asked Questions


What is the "10th Man" rule?

The 10th Man rule appoints an individual to serve as a Contrarian to an organization's plans in order to look deeper and find weaknesses. The ultimate motive is to correct them so as to mitigate risk and ultimately arrive at the best possible decision for the sole benefit of the organization.

What is a Full-Charge Bookkeeper?

As the "10th Man," our diverse office assists with in-depth Project Management, Invoice reconciliation and payment, collection of contracted income, revenue recognition and allocation in addition to payroll support. This deep analysis leads toward a collective goal to mitigate loss and provide your business with complete financial information to make profitable decisions.

Why use a Full-Charge Bookkeeper?

It is important to utilize a Full-Charge Bookkeeper to maintain your Financial records organized Year-Round. This planning keeps a client prepared for Tax season and minimizes the HIGH cost of hiring a Bookkeeper to get organized during the Tax rush.

Can I afford your services?

Absolutely! Published fees fluctuate based on relative size and scope of your needs ranging from Basic Bookkeeping to Complex Ledger management. Pricing is competitive to market rates specific to your location. Contact us for a quote.

What areas do you serve?

We are based in Las Vegas, Nevada but our Information Systems allows for remote Bookkeeping service access to anyone Worldwide.

What kind of technology is used?

Our office utilizes Industry recognized secure Bookkeeping software which allows our clients 24/7 docked and mobile access to their financial records and allows secure paperless document submissions to our office. It also allows customers to keep their data files with the ability for us to manage it from our Virtual office.